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Magazyn Sukces [Polish "Success" Magazine] Mindfulness - Fall 2015 Edition

Healthy Balance & Mindful Daily Living Series                     Discussing Mindful Psychotherapy

* Mindful Sustainable Techniques Interactive   OPEN                      International Holistic Center and Dr. King
* Belief Systems: Tools for Interconnected Recovery OPEN            Interview Liza Lichtinger September 2010
In-Spirit-Inspiration Series
Circle Affirmation Process Group Closed                                                                                                                                  

Mindfulness Consultant Services                                         Tammi Georgia and Touchstone Wellness 
Development Training for start ups and organizations                            Interview Liza Lichtinger September 2012

Discussing Belief Systems &Effects on Psychobiology 

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Past Events 2015

Yoga Psych Mindfulness Meditation Retreat 
Napa, California May

La Dolce Vita Retreat - NeuroChemistry of Yoga Agriturismo
 Rome  - Firenze  - July
Amalfi Coast - Positano   7-11 July

Mindful ExistenC Presentation at CALPCC's First Northern California Conference
"Building a Community of Healers: Professional Clinical Counselors
Strengthening California's Mental Health Resources:
3:15-4:30pm on 18 October 2014
McLaren Conference Center University of San Francisco
2130 Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA

Exoconsciousness and impact of ET/AI Contact on Human Consciousness 

Karl Jaspers Society of North America/APA Eastern Division 
Philadelphia, PA, USA December 28/29

Past Events 


Inner Engineer Psychotherapy Yoga Meditation Week
Berlin (EU) August 

Positano Agriturismo Yoga Retreat
La Selva in Amalfi Coast, Italy 28 July - 4 August

Yoga Pranayama and Meditation Workshop for Athletes
Lake Como, North Italy, June - July 

The Artists Way Guided Recovery Group
April 13- June 29 currently closed (full)
San Francisco, CA 

MBSR at Universities (UC Berkeley & SFSU)
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program components includes stress
response and the impact of mindfulness meditation, body awareness and movement practices.
Application of stress reduction practices in everyday life will be supported through course practice
of mindfulness techniques and shared self-reflection.

2012- 2013

Speaker on Bija Mantra and Psychotherapy
Brahmrishi Kuman Swami Ji Event: [Ancient Traditional Science Convention]
Palace of the Fine Arts,  San Francisco, CA, USA 15 September 2013 

Yoga Asana Group for non psychotherapy clients (EU) Germany
Guided Mindfulness Meditation Group (EU) Germany

Healthy Balance & Mindful Living: Tools for Recovery from Endocrine System Dis-Ease
(EU) Germany [2012]

Healthy Balance & Mindful Living: PsychoEducational Integrative Group  
Yoga Asana Group for non psychotherapy clients
Yoga Asana Groups for Recovery Clients

Guided Mindfulness Meditation Group
Creative Arts & Music Based Therapy Group
Healing Sounds VIbrational Group

2009 - 2010
Healthy Balance & Mindful Living: PsychoEducational Integrative Group

Mindfulness Meditation Group for Recovery
Yoga Asana Group for non psychotherapy clients
Yoga Asana Groups for Recovery Clients
Guided Meditation Groups for Recovery Clients
Creative Arts & Music Based Groups for Recovery