Liza Lichtinger is a a Research Psychologist and endogenous regeneration pioneer. As a futurist she has previously worked in Human Resources, Industrial Organizational Business Psychology, and Data Analysis creating Assessment Instruments for Pfizer. This was where Lichtinger identified the necessity for efficient use of time and communication to include a creative outlet as a trainable trait for employees optimal performance. 

Presentations and Projects find her speaking to her interests, raising awareness on the importance of equanimity in decision making models and its impact on the nexus of biotechnology, social patterns, and cultural paradigm design. Prior research studies combining immersive techniques, neuroplastic interventions to address personality traits, risk and preventative health measures with human populations while studying a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Philosophy. Lichtinger holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology, Nationally Certified as a Professional Clinical Counselor, Masters Level Mindfulness Based Cognitive therapy Certified, leveraging motivational Design in Virtual Economics including Cognitive Behaviorism through more than one discipline, by Wharton's "Gamification" course, a degree in Labor Law and Human Resources through the Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations, and has been involved with the foresight of Education, and Strategic Programs at Universities, Hospitals, Professional Organizations, Recovery Centers and Wellbeing startups. 

Projects in TeleHealth and TeleMedicine she serves as an advisor and team member for Training Software and online CEU courses for Behavioral Technology Practitioners, Psychiatrists and Psychologists. She serves as a team member developing a book chapter to be published on Application Rating Criteria, and enjoys applying her findings in Telecommunications in areas spanning from UXD and UI research, Industry Engagement in Behavioral Mental Health Informatics, BioMedical Fields, and within Incentivized Gaming. 
When mentoring graduate students, military, and rural populations through the NBCC Foundation, she teaches students to allow creativity to run the engines of their vital life, encouraging inquisitive questions, for better focused decisions.

In the Spring of 2015 while in attendance at the RSA conference in San Francisco Liza met Joyce Brocaglia of the Executive Women's Forum, where she found support in maintaining the Privacy, Information Security, Cyber Security, and confidentiality during electronic meetings and trusted communication exchanges with her clients. After study with various programming languages applied to Neuroplastic Interventions, Immersive Simulations, and HCI Gamified Engagement projects, Lichtinger, who advocates on the importance of secure access for her clients and anyone involved in electronic communication, is looking at big problems. In Spring of 2015 she presented to the Data Science community work she most recently focused on, a machine learning detector, at General Assembly San Francisco.

 Interest in social interconnectedness amongst employees, and integrity in the workplace has always fueled the fire within, especially by preparing her to present the Mindfulness Consulting Training. Additional work has included creating and facilitating Health and Wellness Programs at Recovery Centers, and presenting at conscious related art events. Liza's holds an honors Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling Psychology. Additionally she has obtained various certifications both in the business management, wellness, arts, and programming. Liza's academic career has led her towards involvement in independent research studies since 2002, Cornell University in the area of Philosophy, Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Human Resources, and Law and Employment, and research studies with clients. Immersive Sensory Awareness Techniques, Art and Music Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation techniques applied to clients in the field of psychotherapy, and online human-computer interaction interfaces and their effect in relation to day to day society.

Liza's background and training remain grounded in traditional psychotherapy and consultancy, yet she uses an empowerment approach which most aligns with clients needs. Liza guides clients with a broad variety of individual and collective challenges under a scope of practice which merges global modalities, often termed as an integrative approach to treatment. The Integration recognizes the importance of varied elements and treatments as part of one combined approach to theory and practice honoring the collaboration among professionals from different disciplines. Using a strength-based holistic model of practice, Liza empowers her clients to develop in a nonjudgmental, trustworthy, and supportive atmosphere where the client may discover any emotional, physical, social, psycho-spiritual, and/or existential issues. Liza may use and incorporate traditional Psychotherapy techniques, Art|Music based therapy, Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, Herbal medicines, Acupuncture, Sound and Vibrational Healing, Narrative Therapy, energetic surgery, immersive VR/AR/3D training simulations, and various additional tools appropriate for the client. Liza devotes her professional career to continued research applied to intentional presence and growth in the field of optimal wellness, human-computer expansion, and daily mindful living.