Balance Tranquility

All come to the mat for different reasons.  Integration Practice of breath, physical challenge, and Zen Benefits.  Union, refers to a discipline evolving the higher faculties of the thought process. The matrix of all matter is the mind, the breath is the mind in action. Breath in Latin is Spirit or Spiritus, the physical counterpart of the mind a pranic force and air element creating movement, pulsation, vibration, life; a physiological reality and neuromotor activity of the breath brings forth awareness.

The approach past the senses cultivates grounded Integral session. Shifting the experience with a perception of the balanced environment to master the professional self. Evolutionary

 consciousness delivers physical, mental, biological selves to bind the physical with the heart, the senses empowers the devoted instructor to share the genuine teachings of prosperity. May all be brought towards union with Self in harmony, benevolence, serenity.

Liza Lichtinger at a very early age was introduced to the arts of breathing and meditation through her dance instructors as well as her martial arts Sifus and Grand Masters.

Incorporates background in Professional Dance, Martial Arts, Meditation, Kirtan, and Qigong. Prior to becoming a certified Yoga Teacher  she remained a student of the Yogic arts mentored for many years with leaders in the Yoga and Martial Arts Movement. 



Usui Shiki Ryoho